Now Introducing High Flow Radiator Guards for Honda Models!

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Now Introducing High Flow Radiator Guards for Honda Models!

Flo Motorsports High Flow Radiator Guards
Now offering Radiator Guards for Honda CRF250R / CRF250RX and CRF450R / CRF450RX Models!
If you’re looking for radiator guards to protect your radiator from side impact, front impact, and core puncture, this Flo Motorsports brace is right for you. These radiator guards are the only OEM style radiator brace on the market that protects you from front, side, and core impact. The OEM wind tunnel design significantly enhances efficiency, strength and air flow by up to 25% over any other alloy radiator brace on the market. These are also constructed from a solid 1-inch block of 6061 alloy making it up to 50% more durable than a standard alloy radiator brace. We now offer Radiator guards for KTM, Husqvarna, Yamaha and Honda models. Guards are Available in Black, Orange, Blue, and Red. If you want maximum protection, maximum airflow to the radiators these radiator guards are the best on the market.
These radiator braces are very easy to install, and the mounting hardware is included with the kit. The build quality is second to none on these guards and you will have trouble finding a better guard in the industry as far as front and side protection. These braces are great for both off-road and motocross, whether you are competing or just riding trails on the weekend. These are designed not only to have maximum protection, but to also keep mud and other debris from going inside and clogging up or damaging your radiators. If you are looking to take protection of your bike to the next level, we suggest that you try out these Flo Motorsports high flow radiator braces.
2017-2019 CRF450R / CRF450RX
2018-2019 CRF250R / CRF250RX
You can browse our products online at
Thank you from the Flo Motorsports Crew

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  • Larry

    Will the rat guards for the crf450r fit the crf450L? Thanks Larry

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