Harley Davidson Newer Soft-Tail Models Brake/Shifter Pedal Arms and Foot Pegs

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Harley Davidson Newer Soft-Tail Models Brake/Shifter Pedal Arms and Foot Pegs

Now Introducing Newer Soft-tail Models Brake and Shifter Pedal Arm
2018-Current Soft-Tails
Item #: HDBP/HDSF 806
We have varied and managed our selection over the years to get the most durable, reliable products for Harley Davidson riders. You deserve the very best equipment, and we’ll make sure that through our varied collection you can do just that. From shifter pegs to brake pedal arms, we make the challenging process of getting your Harley Davidson just right a little easier than before. If you need any help whatsoever in making the right choice, please contact us today for any help that you might need to make the correct decision!
The Flo Motorsports Shifter and Brake arms are machined from 6061 T6. These products are made from highly durable and light weight alloy. The kit includes pedal arm and peg tip. The tip can be adjusted to 3 different lengths and it can also be rotated to the desired riding position for maximum comfort and grip. These tips are also available to purchase in the colors Red, Silver and Gold.
You can also match your Harley Davidson Shifter and Brake Arms with our MX Style Foot Pegs! Our foot pegs are customizable to the exact preference of the rider; thus, they are perfectly suitable for everybody. Their stainless-steel hardware ensures that these Harley Davidson foot pegs are not just going to function as you want, but also improve the look of your bike. Comfortable, awesome, beautiful, and functional are the right words to use in describing these Harley pegs. Whatever HD Arms or Foot Pegs you decide to use for your Harley, you must be certain of their durability and functionality. One of the most important ways to know about the durability of a foot peg or arm is by considering the quality of its material. Pegs and Arms with high-quality materials are going last you much longer. Our products are built to withstand years of use. We stand behind our products 100% for quality and workmanship.
Item #: FPEG-800-2
2018-Current Soft-Tail Models
You can browse our products online at www.flomotorsports.com
Thank you from the Flo Motorsports Crew


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