About us

Flo Motorsports is dedicated to make the most unique yet highly durable product available on the market. Our products are built to withstand years of use and we stand behind our products 100% for quality and workmanship. Flo Motorsports as of 2018 has the leading patented design for unbreakable Clutch and Brake Levers. Flo Motorsports also ranked #1 recommended foot peg to buy is 2019.

With endless hours of testing our product on trail or track we make sure we are always on the move to make our product perform the best, stronger, more unique and affordable to the consumer. The biggest reward for us is knowing the customer is getting the best product. 

  We ride every chance we get so we never forget why we got in this business in the first place, and at the end of the day, there is always one major force keeping us motivated–throwing a leg over the bike and heading for the trails or the track.