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Flo Motorsports KTM / Husqvarna Radiator Guards / Brace Installation Installation of the Flo radiator brace/guard is very simple and can be done in about 20 minutes. All that is required is to pull the seat and radiator shrouds, we found it a bit easier just to pull the tank with shrouds attached. The stock factory plastic radiator protectors pop out of their retaining mounts, remove both then remove the short, #30 Torx bolts attaching the radiators to the frame. The Flow guards mount to the radiators/frame mounts with longer 10mm head bolts (supplied) and the short bolts removed previously...

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enduro, endurocross, husqvarna, kawasaki, ktm, moto, motocross, race, riders, supercross, suzuki, yamaha -

Flo Motorsports 2016 endurocross team will consist of Cooper Abbott on Husqvarna, Nick Thompson on KTM, Mitch Carvolth on KTM, David Broderick on Husqvarna, Mason Ottersberg on Husqvarna, Ryan Wells on KTM, Wayne Dickert on KTM and Jason Gitchel on KTM. Cooper Abbott's 2016 Husqvarna FC250 will be fully equipped with flo motorsports radiator guards, oversized 270mm front brake rotor, sprockets and foot pegs. The rest of our team riders will be equiped with flo motorsports radiator guards / braces.Endurocross may be the perfect off-road sport. It places the toughest riders in the world from all disciplines against each other...

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