Flo Motorsports Adventure Snow Bike Foot Pegs

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Flo Motorsports Adventure Snow Bike Foot Pegs

Josh Hill battling with Axell Hodges on his snow bike with the Flo Motorsports Adventure Pegs in blue


Foot pegs are possibly the most over looked parts on a bike, but actually one of the most important parts. No matter how much power your bike makes, it means nothing if there is no control of the bike. You probably haven't given much consideration to your foot pegs before, but almost all professional AMA super cross, motocross, and off-road riders ride with aftermarket foot pegs for a wider platform, more grip, and overall control of the bike.

We believe that a wider and larger platform is better for the rider. It makes the peg easier to find when trying to control the bike out of a turn and also makes for a more comfortable ride and gives you more confidence while riding the bike in general. We also believe that the longer pegs give the rider more leverage while controlling the bike. Our threaded, replaceable cleats are very easy to change out, and also saves you money by not having to purchase another complete set.

These Foot Pegs are perfect for adventures with your snow bike whether you are racing, riding back roads through the trees, or just out on a Sunday cruise. These wider platform pegs give you much more control over your adventure bike, guaranteeing a smooth ride. These pegs measure 2.25” wide by 4.75” long. You will not be disappointed with the overall comfort and look of our Flo Motorsports adventure pegs.




You can browse our products online at www.flomotorsports.com


Thank you from the Flo Motorsports Crew


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