As action was initiated for the first round of the Super Motocross Playoff’s, the Flo Motorsports backed Manluk Rock River Racing team was beyond prepared for the technical layout that was set to be competed upon in Charlotte, North Carolina. With an athlete registered in the premier division, all involved in the Yamaha assembly were eager to present one-hundred percent effort while on the sport’s biggest stage.

The number seventy-eight of Grant Harlan would continue on his ascending trajectory throughout various professional series and proceeded to present a multitude of strong laps in qualification prior to racing in the duplicate main event sequence on Saturday afternoon. As the gate(s) fell to begin the opening moto, it was Harlan who occupied eleventh while contending with the top racers in the division. Minute by minute, Grant’s sense of focus and stamina never wavered — which ultimately led to a sixteenth-place finish, prior to moving into round-two of racing action. And within this particular segment of competition, Harlan’s aggression would be evident from the opening lap to the checkered flag; where he continuously strove for higher positioning, en route to a final standing of fourteenth for an extraordinary fourteenth overall as well.

With competition set to begin in Joliet, Illinois next Saturday, the entirety of the Manluk Rock River Racing unit is certain to strive for the strongest results possible. They’ve continued to progress throughout the 2023 season and have no plans of stopping anytime soon as the SMX Playoff sequence is set to continue.

Pro 160 Levers – Flo Motorsports

Foot Pegs – Flo Motorsports


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