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Preparing for a demanding racetrack while competing at Lucas Oil Stadium, the FLO Motorsports backed Gizmo Mods/Rock River/ Yamaha team presented a determined mentality as practice began on Saturday afternoon. They carried that outlook through the conclusion of the main event(s), and once again proved that they were a part of an elite group of race teams competing in the sport of Supercross.

Flo motorsports Rider Devin Simonson was outstanding throughout practice and transferred into the LCQ that followed with his sights set on obtaining a main event transfer designation. The action on the racetrack was top-tier, and Simonson excelled as the stakes became higher...eventually passing the checkered flag with an incredible third-place feat, before entering into the main event(s). Once into the three-stage process, the number ninety-one would thrive on the sport’s highest platform. Eventually earning final finishes of eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth, his overall score of nineteenth was an accolade to build from in the coming weeks.

After presenting a multitude of strong lap-times within various qualification sessions, the number twenty-three of Flo Motorsports rider Grant Harlan would speed from the gate(s) in the Last Chance Qualifier with a motivated outlook to succeed. His skillset within the high stakes Triple Crown format was spectacular — and after battling his way to an impressive final standing of sixth, he was determined to continue I'm proving as the series moves forward.

Marshal Weltin’s remarkable qualification time of twelfth, immediately registered him for the main event(s) that followed. He was exceptional throughout the Triple Crown format and would compete with strong aspirations while weaving through the rutted Indianapolis circuit. Ultimately established with main event finishes of fifteenth, thirteenth, and tenth, his overall score of fourteenth was superb — and proved that he was one of the most highly skilled competitor(s) in the 250SX division.

Transitioning from a brilliant Arenacross run thus far, Idaho’s Ryan Breece was ready to engage with the fastest Supercross riders from around the world as competition in Indianapolis came to fruition. After presenting a multitude of commendable times in practice, he then sprinted throughout the challenging LCQ format to contend for a main event transferring position at the checkered flag. Concluding the moto with a fifth-place result, Breece’s prowess on the motorcycle is destined to continue succeeding in both SX and AX competitions in the coming months. All riders' bikes are equipped with Flo Motorsports Titanium Foot pegs and Pro160 Levers. 

The number 900 of Keegan Rowley displayed extraordinary skill amongst the ruts and sandy conditions of the Indianapolis raceway. The rhythm and flow of the FLO Motorsports controlled Yamaha rider would rival those at the top of the division, and as he completed the technical obstacles on this one-of a-kind Supercross circuit, the attributes that the 250SX rider displayed would undoubtedly power him to even more success in the approaching rounds of the championship.

With the tenth round of the series now completed, the FLO Motorsports backed Gizmo Mods/Rock River/Yamaha team will look to succeed yet again at the eleventh venue of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship. The city of Seattle is next to be competed within, and all involved with this Yamaha assembly are certain to give maximum effort while stationed in the Pacific Northwest.


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