Though the conditions in Seattle were adverse, the FLO Motorsports backed Gizmo Mods/Rock River/Yamaha team excelled upon the demanding circuit while residing in the state of Washington. With athletes competing in both, the 250SX and 450SX classifications, the FLO Motorsports backed Yamaha unit was considered a standout assembly that was constantly striving for the highest of feats within round eleven of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship.

Ryan Breece would carry his momentum from the Arenacross series, into Lu men Field while racing in the city of Seattle on Saturday. After showing remark able speed throughout his practice laps, the number two-hundred sprinted from the starting line for heat two, while carving amongst rutted corners thereafter with precision. Advancing to an eventual final position of tenth, his motivation for the LCQ thereafter was evident as racers embarked on the opening rhythm section. Navigating through technical terrain, Breece’s expertise would lead him to a final position of fourth, which transferred him to the main event. Throughout the finale, the self-belief of Breece appeared tangible as he accelerated through jumps and straightaway(s) alike; and as the checkered flag was thrown, a final standing of twentieth would be secured for the Idaho native.

The number twenty-three of Grant Harlan was a proficient athlete on conditions such as those that were presented in Washington. The standout outdoor competitor would embody remarkable vision while racing on this particular SX circuit, and flourished as action began in heat one as well. Leaping through rutted transitions with confidence, his final standing of twelfth would then transfer the Texas resident to the Last Chance Qualifier. Though the format was encompassed with pressure, FLO Motorsports backed Harlan visualized a path to the front of the pack and excelled before the checkered flag was thrown — and after crossing the finish line in eighth, his ambition for the rest of the series was an attribute that couldn’t be denied.

Devin Simonson immediately put forth a phenomenal pace as qualification began on Saturday, using his abilities to generate a notable gate choice within heat two of the night show. Once there, he used the power of the tremendous Yamaha engine and the grip of his FLO MOTORSPORTS controls to obtain a position of twelfth in the final standings. Shortly thereafter, his execution of the LCQ’s earliest stages was remarkable — and aided a concluding standing of twelfth being earned once more, as final results were calculated.

New York’s TJ Albright had been outstanding thus far in the 250SX West Coast Championship and proceeded to continue his streak of excellent performances as qualification concluded in Seattle. As gate(s) fell for heat two, Albright was paralleled to those at the front of the pack — and shifted his way to an incredible finish of ninth (via a brilliant last corner pass) before moving to the main event. Though the course (at that time) was extremely challenging, Albright used the entirety of his skillset to obtain the highest finish possible. Ultimately residing, eighteenth his efforts are certain to translate to the upcoming rounds of the tour as well.

With the eleventh round of the championship now completed, the FLO Motorsports backed Gizmo Mods/Rock River/Yamaha team is set to move forward to the state of Missouri for the twelfth race of the series. Their preparations and confidence couldn’t be higher as the event in the Midwest approaches, with their aspirations as high as any, as they embark on a path to the checkered flag in St. Louis.


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