For round seven of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship, the FLO Motorsports backed Gizmo Mods/Rock River/Yamaha team aspired to excel within the city of Arlington, Texas. Though the competition was fierce, and the racecourse appeared technical, all involved within the Yamaha assembly were determined to present their highest effort(s) in order to clinch strong results as the final checkered flag waved.

The number seventy-five of Marshal Weltin was phenomenal throughout practice laps on Saturday, earning a position to the night show with superb speed before beginning heat two of the evening program. Once the Yamaha rider began to battle within the nine-lap contest, his ability to persevere amongst a challenging racing format equated to a remarkable standing of seventh as the race concluded. Sending the Michigan native directly to the main event. Within the following round of racing, Weltin maintained a significant pace of velocity from start to finish, while constantly competing for significant sum(s) of points when contending for standing(s) just outside of the top ten. Ultimately finalized in thirteenth, Marshal will now carry this momentum into next week’s Daytona Supercross event.

Missouri’s Michael Hicks displayed remarkable momentum through the whoops and accompanying corners for Saturday’s qualification segment. Earning a position in the opening 250cc heat and thriving while competing for a single-digit finish. Powering through the final corner while established in ninth overall on the leaderboard, he too would earn a main event bid amongst a challenging roster of competitors. As the finalé began shortly thereafter, Hicks maneuvered his way through the countless ruts on the Arlington SX circuit with precision — speeding to an eventual standing of eighteenth, as he builds confidence for the rest of this particular championship.

Grant Harlan returned to action in the 450SX division on Saturday, and after a tremendous practicing effort, the Texas resident acquired a commendable starting position to the second heat race of the evening. Contending through over seven minutes of intense competition, the athlete aboard the number twenty-three machine would race to a final standing of fifteenth before moving forward to the LCQ. Once there, Harlan displayed one hundred percent effort. En route to an eventual score of ninth, as he now shifts his focus to the Daytona SX circuit.

Racing aboard the FLO Motorsports backed Yamaha YZ450F, was Devin Simonson. The athlete who sported the number ninety-one was superb amid practice laps and transferred into the evening program with confidence while clicking into gear. Flying over various obstacles with precise timing, Simonson would land with excellent momentum to secure an eventual thirteenth-place position at the final flag. And for the Last Chance Qualifier, Simonson’s concluding position of nineteenth would be hard-earned amongst an elite roster of opponents.

TJ Albright transitioned to the 450SX classification with confidence, for round seven of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship. As he sped onto the track for practice, it was evident that TJ possessed the speed necessary to transfer directly to the night show; and upon doing so, his fight for eighteenth in the divisional round was applauded by all in attendance. Eventually finalized in the aforementioned position, Albright would use the experience gained in the premier division as a means for furthered success in the rounds to come.

The number 900 of Keegan Rowley was exceptional when racing against the clock during Saturday afternoon’s practice sessions. The Yamaha rider was proficient in all facets of the raceway, displaying a heightened skillset from previous rounds, while proving that he has ascended within the technical, Supercross racing genre. He was paralleled to those at the top of the division and will certainly use the knowledge acquired in Dallas as a component of advancement for the upcoming races of the Supercross season.

As results of the seventh round were finalized, all crew members and athletes associated with the FLO Motorsports backed Gizmo Mods/Rock River/Yamaha team were well respected while striving for the most significant of feats within the city of Arlington on Saturday and they will continue to battle for every position on the racetrack, for the upcoming round of Daytona and beyond.


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