FLO Harley Davidson Foot Pegs - the Best Pegs for HD Bikes!

Harley Davidson Foot PegsOur Harley Davidson foot pegs are high quality lowered footpegs designed to provide every rider more comfort. Our products are not only the strongest but also the most adjustable steel foot pegs on the market. We’ve tested our products using a hydraulic press to ensure they are highly effective and reliable, so we are confident that our harley davidson pegs are tough to resist any force a rider may subject them to. When it comes to adjustability, our HD pegs are equipped with original reversible collar system which allows our foot pegs to operate in the standard position thus allowing the rider to take full control of the traction level, soles impact as well as foot freedom for what seems to be precise and how they ride their bike.

With adjustable bolts, Harley riders can set the extent of inward tilt, to increase their comfort or to keep themselves in a good position for holding the bike when riding on bumpier terrains. FLO Harley davidson foot pegs are designed from high-quality, anti-corrosion stainless steel and its teeth are very friendly. The foot peg bed is convex in shape thus giving the rider more space for the motorbike’s foot controls and a natural impression when connecting the front and back of the bike. The foot peg can be adjusted to offer the rider the best riding experience.

Benefits of Upgrading your HD Bike's Footpegs with our Harley Pegs

Quite often, you possibly will not understand what's missing until you upgrade to a new pair of pegs with a sharper teeth and wider girth. The biggest mistake many people do is trying on different models to see what fits their preference. The most common reasons why motorists keep on replacing their foot pegs include; no grip, too small or narrow peg, weight reduction among several reasons. When replacing your pegs, our Harley foot pegs are undoubtedly the best brand in the market. 

They also look smooth, comfortable, beautiful and amazing which is why many riders prefer ours the most. Besides, these footpegs for Harley have individual teeth which are less susceptible to failure and deterioration. Our pegs also comes with an original adjustable system which allows you to adjust the foot pegs in different positions thus giving you a suitable option for enjoying the appropriate comfort level for not only your body type but for your riding style as well. Additionally, our Harley Davidson foot pegs can be installed effortlessly and they are highly durable....as a result, they last for many years.

Upgrade your Harley Pegs today!