What makes our MX Footpegs for Harley Riders the Best?

Footpegs for Harley

Foot pegs play a bigger role than you may think when it comes to riding your motorcycle, so enhancing your bike to suit your riding style is the key to enjoying the best ride of your lifetime. Whether you want a more aggressive posture with the best rear sets, need to get a proper grip or just need to sprawl with some highway pegs for Harley Davidson motorcycles, we manufacture and design MX footpegs for Harley riders that not only delivers amazing quality but also guarantees a better ride for all Harley Davidson motorcycles.

You will be surprised at how comfortable our harley pegs are. They are easily adjustable so you can adjust them to spin freely, to move with steady pressure, or lock them into the spot you desire. Being able to connect your feet with your bike on a safe and secure platform and adjust the angle of the bike’s platform while riding is very important particularly on long rides. Our MX footpegs comes with a wide platform that guarantees you a safe ride even on long distances.

This innovative design gives you an opportunity to adjust the footpeg’s angle considerably through 360 degrees along its lateral plane to what suits you best. Complete with a 3600 adjustable mounting angle, our MX Harley pegs can be adjusted to complement any riding position you desire. Besides, the stainless steel hardware used in our pegs are polished and powder coated for an elegant finish thus guaranteeing you better grip and quality throughout your ride. We also incorporated replaceable stainless steel teeth which ensures a better grip for a safe ride and more comfort.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Bike with Our MX Footpeg:

We have taken many years of designing these footpegs for Harley riders and now offer them to all HD motorcycle riders. Our MX footpegs comes with a wide surface to provide you extra comfort and enhanced rider control. In addition, they have a replaceable patent tooth design which improves the traction and grip to the rider’s boots as well as a mud relief design to reduce clogging. Most large HD motorcycles are equipped with short footpegs, therefore upgrading your bike with our longer and wider pegs gives you more control as well as much comfort while resting in any position. These Harley foot pegs are well sealed and packed in a very nice carton before any shipment so you’ll be sure what arrives on your shipment is a brand new product. These are without doubt the best MX footpegs for any Harley Davidson motorcycle to try out when upgrading your bike.

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