Following the break in the schedule of the 2023 AMA Pro Motocross Championship, the FLO Motorsports backed team at Manluk Rock River Racing was eager to resume competitive action while stationed in New Berlin, New York on Saturday. Obtaining an overall qualification standing of seventeenth following the conclusion of practice, the number seventy-eight of Grant Harlan would appear focused and ready for the battles that were set to take place in moto one of the 450MX classification. As the gates then collapsed to initiate the segment, it would be Harlan who acquired an initial position near the top ten as he proceeded to remain consistent with his lap-times thereafter. He fought from start to finish to assemble a score of fifteenth, prior to beginning the second moto where his initial standing of (twenty-eight) was substantially heightened as laps began to amass. Harlan would pass countless opponents while proceeding to present unbelievable speeds around the rutted raceway — which eventually led to a remarkable eleventh-place standing being finalized, for an extraordinary eleventh-place overall as well.

Connecticut’s Luca Marsalisi would display excellent skills throughout the morning hours to secure a bid to the main event(s) that followed, which generated tremendous amounts of applause from the crowd where numerous local fans resided. The Yamaha rider then demonstrated a comfortable and knowledgeable riding style on the ever-changing circuit, where for both moto’s, he was paralleled on trajectories that equated to well-respected standings. And as the final checkered flag waved to conclude the two-moto format in New York, Luca’s scores of twenty-ninth and twenty-fourth, would position him in a superb twenty-ninth overall standing as he exited the raceway.

With the round of Unadilla now completed, the team at Manluk Rock River Racing looks forward to the approaching venue of Budd’s Creek, as a platform to excel. The work ethic of all in the crew is second-to-none, and will be present as the Yamaha assembly arrives and competes in the state of Maryland next Saturday.

Pro 160 Levers – Flo Motorsports 

Foot Pegs – Flo Motorsports


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