How to maintain your Flo Motorsports foot pegs

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How to maintain your Flo Motorsports foot pegs

 Owning a dirt bike is much like having a child, it requires a lot of love and attention.Unlike cars, where you can ride for thousands of miles without doing much in the way of maintenance, dirt bikes require constant maintenance. Those thinking of jumping into the sport should know that after every ride some type of maintenance is required to ensure the longevity of the bike.

 Many riders embrace this aspect of ownership, others find the detail work a hassle. Whatever camp you lie in, we can all agree we'd much rather be out riding than stuck in a garage fixing a broken down machine. The best way to ensure your dirt bike operates effectively and starts every time you take it for a day on the track is to perform routine maintenance.

 After you installed a fresh pair of our Flo Motorsports foot pegs on your dirt bike and/or replaced some or all of the cleats, you always want to inspect the footpegs routinely to ensure your cleats and pegs are seated properly. Just like any new part on a dirt bike, it is very important to inspect the new part always after the first ride to make sure nothing is coming loose. We like to stress this point to make sure everything is tight and working properly on your bike so you can stay safe. While inspecting your foot pegs you will want to check the replaceable cleats to make sure none of them are loose, if they are loose you will want to use a 4mm socket to tighten them up to make sure they are seated properly. Once our cleats get seated they will not fall out. If you are ever involved in a crash or drop the bike with hard impact always inspect the foot pegs to make sure there are no visible cracks, if there are you will need to replace the set.

 So if you ride motocross, supercross, off-road racing or you are a weekend warrior, remember to check all your parts on your dirtbike routinely to stay safe. 



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