2021 and Up GasGas Radiator Guards installation

2021 and Up GasGas Radiator Guards installation

How-To install High Flo Radiator Guards on GasGas 125-450cc 

This will also apply to KTM and Husqvarna 2017 and newer 125cc - 530 models

Below you will find a step by step, how-to guide for installing the Flo Motorsports Radiator Guards on your GasGas motorcycle. This wind tunnel-tested product serves as a radiator brace that is specifically designed to protect from side impacts, frontal impacts and core punctures. 

Fitment: GasGas 125-450cc 2021 - 2022 All models

Tools Needed: 8mm T-handle or similar. All hardware and allen wrench included. 

Step 1: Use the provided allen wrench and threadlocked-hardware to attach the 4 frame tabs to the radiator guard. 

Step 2: Remove the OEM radiator guards using an 8mm. This installation process can be easier with the tank and shrouds removed but not necessary. Clean and prep this area if needed while these parts are off. 

Step 3: Attach Flo rad guard with 8mm T-handle using the hardware provided. Get both bolts started and then alternate tightening the top and bottom bolts until torqued to spec. This will help ensure an even, flush seating for the guards. Do not overtighten.  

Step 4: Reassemble tank & shrouds if removed. Now re-attach your shrouds using an 8mm to the Flo radiator guards with original hardware. Using the same technique of getting both bolts started before trying to tighten one completely can help here, too. 

Step 5: Step back and admire. 


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