Dirt Bike Foot Pegs...Is It Time for New Ones?

Best Dirt Bike Foot PegsGot the best dirt bike foot pegs yet? You need them or you will not ride very well. Foot pegs provide grip and should be comfortable as you brake, shift and hold on for dear life.

It seems like most riders are comfortable holding out with their old stock foot pegs until there is a real need for new ones. After all, as long as there is no trouble braking or shifting, they are good to go, right?

However, quite often, you may not realize how much you are missing out on until you try a pair of pegs with sharper teeth and wider girth. Truth is, however, the practicality of trying on different models to see what you like best is a problem. Realistically, that may never happen, which is why most riders learn to work with what they have and only grab a new pair when it matters.

The most common reasons for replacing dirt bike footpegs include;

  1. Too narrow or small
  2. Poor grip
  3. Weight reduction
  4. Get easily compacted with mud
  5. Just don't fit quite well
  6. Cooler looking ones are available

MX footpegs are the final piece of the puzzle when spending a day splashing through the mud and besting fallen logs on the trails. Aftermarket foot pegs, at least most of them, are wider, firmer and lighter than stock pegs. So which new pegs should you get? 

Why Upgrade with FLO Dirt Bike Pegs? Because they are the Best!

Looking for the best dirt bike foot pegs? Check out our foot pegs in stock. Our foot pegs can be customized to fit your preferences. They guarantee functionality and durability as they are made with quality materials.

What you get with our Dirt Bike Pegs:

  1. Lightweight; highly durable alloy.

  2. Replaceable stainless steel teeth.
    You need not spend time sharpening worn out teeth, simply replace them with our replaceable teeth! However, be sure to tighten the replaceable teeth well so they don't fall off.

  3. Wide platform.

  4. Pegs can rotate 360 degrees to preferred angle.
    Adjustable parts allows for mounting our pegs in different positions. You can adjust until you get the most comfortable level that suits your style of riding and body type.

  5. Pitch adjustment hardware.

  6. Cool, comfortable, easy to install. 
    The best Motocross footpegs are easy to install, with replaceable teeth. 

  7. Good grip and superbly functionality

Your FLO dirt bike Foot Pegs will last several years unless a crash takes them out beforehand!