Introducing our New V3 Harley Foot Pegs

Why upgrade your stock pegs with our Harley Davidson Pegs

If you would like to enhance the look and comfort of your bike, using FLO Harley Davidson foot pegs is one of the easiest things you can do. Choosing the right Harley foot pegs will ensure that your comfort is guaranteed with a better grip on your bike. There are lots of pegs designed for HD bikes; however, some are more functional than others. Out of the many available today, Flo Motorsports MX Style Pegs are some of the best Harley foot pegs you can buy.

Harley Foot pegs by Flo MotorsportsDesigned with pitch adjustment hardware, Flo Motorsports motocross style Harley Davidson footpegs are customizable to the exact preference of the rider; thus, they are perfectly suitable for everybody. Their stainless steel hardware ensures that these Harley Davidson foot pegs are not just going to function as you want, but also improve the look of your bike. Comfortable, awesome, beautiful, and functional are the right words to use in describing these mx style harley pegs.

Whatever HD footpegs you decide to use for your Harley, you must be certain of their durability and functionality. One of the most important ways to know about the durability of a foot peg is by considering the quality of its material. Harley pegs with high-quality materials are going last you much longer.

How to Replace a Harley Foot Peg

Although replacing Harley foot pegs may look like a herculean task to you if you have never given it a try, but it's actually an easy thing to do! Simply follow the below simple instructions below. There is no need for technical know-how to be able to replace a foot peg yourself. However, to make the work seamless and quicker without causing any damage to your bike, it is essential to get a set of snap ring pliers.
Below are the steps to follow when replacing Harley foot pegs:
  1. First, you need to remove the snap ring. The snap ring pliers come handy at this stage as it allows you to remove the snap ring easily without causing any form of damage to the ring. It is important to be careful when removing the snap ring.
  2. Next, remove the pivot pin and carefully pull out the plug from its place. Meanwhile, do misplace the spring clip as you are going to make use of it later when replacing your Harley Davidson foot pegs.
  3. Next, reinstall the peg. Start the reinstallation by fixing the flat part towards the rear end of the space. Do not forget to insert your spring washer as you install the peg properly.
  4. Now reinstall the pivot pin that you have kept aside. Push it in properly with care and ensure that it fits in firmly.
  5. With the aid of the snap ring pliers, carefully reinstall your snap ring. To prevent damage to the snap ring, start with one side and fix it properly before proceeding to the other side. Once you are done this stage, you have successfully replaced the foot peg.

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