Unbreakable Motocross Levers by Flo Motorsports

Unbreakable Motocross Levers by Flo Motorsports

Flo Motorsports Pro 160 Levers
From skimming across high speed ruts and withstanding the hard jolts of casing a jump, to banging off the occasional tree or rock, dirt bikes are designed and built to take a lot of abuse. It’s amazing how you can take a high-speed tumble with the bike going air born like a trapeze artist and still fire right back up and be ready to go. For all the bumps, jumps, tips and tumbles that we put our dirt bikes through, they can hold up pretty well. There are some pretty venerable components however that can only withstand so much before they twist, bend, or completely give up and break. The clutch and brake levers come to mind.
Most of the time the stock clutch and brake levers on a dirt bike are made out of cast aluminum and while they work perfectly fine, they are often the first pieces to bend or break in a crash. While you can usually still ride with a bent lever, if you snap the lever clean off you won’t be able to ride much longer. Dirt bike levers aren’t hard to replace, however, if you are just learning to ride or tend to crash a lot it could start costing more money to replace them than you’d care to spend. Therefore, it’s highly suggested that you swap out your stock levers for some Flo Motorsports Pro 160 levers that can put up with a lot of punishment.
Flo Motorsports recently introduced its Pro 160 dirt bike levers that have the ability to rotate upwards, downwards, and outwards like a contortionist when they meet an immovable object. The levers are machined out of 6061 aluminum and feature a ball joint pivot that not only offers extremely smooth action but allows the levers to go with the “FLO” and move with the impact when they hit a hard surface. Both the Flo Motorsports Pro 160 O.E.M Replacement Brake Lever and the Pro 160 Clutch Assembly have an adjustable dial for on-the-fly lever adjustment and provides a wide range of movement to accommodate various hand sizes. The levers come with all the necessary hardware for installation and only take a few minutes to mount up to your bike.


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  • John Aleckson

    Are there any plans to make these for Harley’s?

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