Rated #1 and Most Popular Footpegs on the Market Today!

Rated #1 and Most Popular Footpegs on the Market Today!

There’s only a few main points of contact between me and my bike when I’m riding and one of those is often more important than most people may think.  I remember when I got my first pair of aftermarket footpegs and realizing just how much of a difference they truly had! The larger footprint, better traction with the boots and adjustability when it comes to height and offset drastically changed the way I felt out on the track. 

Recently VitalMx had collected surveys from over 7,500 individuals from various walks of life, different interests within the sport of moto and from locations all over the world on what they love and hate within the industry by casting a vote.  Among other categories, best footpegs to buy on-market today was a place that caught my attention. Who was on top? Flo Motorsports! They were the top voted for footpeg on market today and I don’t blame them for putting Flo Motorsports in the top spot over 35+ other brand options!  I figure that if out of over 7,500 people who love riding and took the time to cast their vote, a brand is ranked in the top spot, it must mean something right? 

While there are many great companies out there, Flo Motorsports has knocked it out of the park when it comes to their footpegs. The quality of metal used is top grade and second to none, the amount of color options provided will make any bike builder giddy and I still can’t wrap my head around how they can provide all that design, quality and options for the price they do! If you’re like me years back and haven’t experienced the difference between oem and aftermarket footpegs or if you are a fein for customization with quality and purpose then don’t take my word for it, or the 7,500+ people in the survey but head over to their website and see for yourself what can take your bike to the next level! 



Credit to Shelby Paget 


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