With the FLO Motorsports backed Manluk Rock River Racing team traveling to Atlanta Motor Speedway, both team members and athletes knew that the racecourse in Georgia would embody technicality and speed. But all involved with this elite Yamaha assembly were prepared as athletes rolled onto the raceway for practice; as Benny Bloss, Grant Harlan, and Luca Marsalisi were destined for successful performances amid both 250cc and 450cc classifications.

Within the 250SX division, would be Yamaha’s Luca Marsalisi, who was riding with tremendous expertise throughout the early morning qualification sessions. Adapting to both the sand and hard-pack terrain that comprised this Atlanta layout, Marsalisi’s undeniable speed would promote him to a standing inside the top-thirty as time(d) trials concluded. He embodied an identical sense of momentum in heat number one as well, where a constant pursuit of higher standing would lead to him obtaining twelfth prior to beginning the Last Chance Qualifier. And once in the LCQ, Luca’s speed was superb; as he raced with a paralleled sense of momentum to those who were at the front of the pack. He would claim seventh as the checkered flag was thrown for this four-lap segment, generating confidence for the rounds that were left to come in the 2023 season.

Sx Series Titanium Foot Pegs – Flo Motorsports

Pro 160 Levers – Flo Motorsports


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