With challenging track conditions being presented for both, rounds two and three of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship, the FLO Motorsports backed team at Gizmo Mods/Rock River/Yamaha was confident and prepared for the racecourse in San Diego as practice began on Saturday afternoon.

TJ Albright sped onto the track for practice with aggressiveness, sliding into various corners with maximum power before leaping into rhythm lanes that followed without hesitation. His timing was extremely precise when navigating the muddy terrain of the San Diego circuit, and as he eventually acquired a standing of nineteenth, his sense of self belief couldn’t have been higher. That attribute translated to immense expertise being displayed throughout the second heat of the evening, where from start to finish, he was paralleled with those at the front of the pack. Ultimately securing a standing of tenth, he moved forward to the LCQ where fierce opposition awaited him. Though both, the track and surrounding competition were of the highest levels, Albright excelled beneath the brightest of lights. Battling from the opening sequences to the conclusion of the moto, his final result of second directly transferred him to the main event. And for the finale, Albright thrived as championship points were attainable — maneuvering the chassis with authority and agility, ultimately propelling his way to twentieth in the final standings, respectively.

Marshal Weltin was a competitor who immediately stood-out aboard the muddy track in San Diego, where he remained polished and proficient as the circuit grew tougher. Though the rain began to rapidly deteriorate the conditions amid the only session of the afternoon, the number seventy-five undoubtedly proved that he has the talent and skill to excel for many main events to come.

The number ninety-one of Devin Simonson was on a remarkable path to success in the moments leading up to the initial timed practice session in San Diego, where the Yamaha athlete displayed fearlessness en' route to attacking the difficult whoop section. Though an unfortunate crash would sideline him for the rest of the evening, there’s no doubt that Devin will return to action as soon as possible, with one hundred percent effort.

With the Anaheim venue next to be completed within, the FLO Motorsports backed team at Gizmo Mods/Rock River/Yamaha is guaranteed to be contending for extraordinary feats as the green flag waves at Angel Stadium. Their work ethic will be second-to-none in the approaching days and will provide an excellent foundation for great achievements to be earned for round four of the Monster Energy Supercross Series.


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