Garrett Marchbanks with Monumental Podium Finish.

Garrett Marchbanks with Monumental Podium Finish.

Marchbanks made his debut on his FLO MOTORSPORTS backed Yamaha finishing 3rd in the 250SX West Region season opener.  Marchbanks Yamaha  is equipped with  FLO Motorsports Pro160 Unbreakable Levers, 3.0 Foot pegs and 280mm Front Floating Rotor. 

About 8 months ago Marchbanks suffered a nasty knee injury and wasn't sure if he would return to racing on a team.

Marchbanks: "We just came into it and said, ride as good as you can. A top five would be pretty good. How the day started off was pretty rough. I just was not connecting with the track at all. By the heat races I finally started feeling the track and started to get the rhythms pretty good. Honestly, to get third place at the end of the night, I’m pretty pumped with that and so is the team."

Garrett looks to be primed to go on a revenge tour this season after being dropped by Pro Circuit Kawasaki for the 2021 season despite winning Daytona last year.



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