Titanium Sprocket Bolt and Nut Kit. TI

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  • 6 Bolts and Nuts INCLUDED
  • Made from Grade 5 Titanium.
  • Unsprong weight savings
  • Will work with most  125cc and Up Japanese and European dirtbikes 
  • GR5 (6AL/4V) Titanium - Perfect for strength, weight and quality.
  • Weight saving of approx 45% over steel .
  • Weight is 3oz for 6 Bolts and Nuts.


All titanium is not created equal, though. In addition to pure titanium, there are many titanium alloys, the properties of which vary greatly depending on their unique composition. Titanium is generally broken up into four distinct groups: unalloyed titanium; alpha structure; alpha beta structure; and beta structure. Each possesses different properties and therefore serves the needs of different applications and industries.

By far the most common of the titanium alloys is titanium Grade 5. It is classified as an alpha-beta alloy, and consists of 6% aluminum, 4% vanadium, and trace amounts of iron. This Titanium alloy is aslo often referred to as Ti 6AI-4V.

There are many reasons why grade 5 is so commonly used, including its exceptional strength—it is much stronger than commercially-pure titanium, but possesses the same stiffness and thermal properties pure titanium is known for. Additionally, it is heat-treatable, making it ideal for many manufacturing applications. The fact that it is easily welded and fabricated, while offering high strength and corrosion resistance, makes it easy to see why it is the most common titanium alloy in the world.

Titanium grade 5 is also able to withstand a range of environmental factors, including seawater, and can withstand temperatures up to nearly 800°F. Additional advantages include good fatigue resistance, low thermal expansion, high strength-to-weight ratio, and low modulus of elasticity.