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Step 1: Remove forks, clean & dry thoroughly using a contact cleaner or a small amount of washing liquid. For best results, make sure forks are smooth without any stone chips, etc. Step 2: After checking you have the correct sleeve on the correct fork leg, slide into position and check the bleed screw on the top of the leg so that it faces forwards and ensure the sleeve logo faces outwards. Make sure the sleeve slides down over both of the forkseal ridges. Step 3: With the heat gun set to a medium to high heat, starting on the...

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First, take off frame cover and foot peg. Next, put the foot peg on with the pin sticking in just a little bit so the pegs stays in place. Next, Take the spring and set it in with the “L” hook part pointed down. Next, take a 10mm T-Handle (or you can use your thumb) and push down on the middle of spring until both ends of spring are set in place. While Keeping one hand pushing down on the T-handle, take a hammer with the other hand and hammer the pin through, both sides of the spring will hook...

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