Why your Bike needs a KTM Radiator Brace / Guard?

KTM Radiator Braces

There is always a tough competition between cars and bikes. While cars give their owner a sense of satisfaction and security, bikes give their owner an adrenaline rush and a sense of excitement. Though the costs of bikes vary from company to company, most reputed brands generally have high end price range for their bikes. As high end bikes cost a significant amount, it is necessary that they are kept in pristine condition. Usually, bike owners are very passionate about their bikes. They keep their bike spotless and clean throughout the week. A bike has many small parts that contribute towards it working. Radiators handle the cooling mechanisms of the bike. As the bike’s engine is working, it may generate heat which needs to be cooled off. Good radiators do not allow the bike’s engine to heat too much. If the radiator isn’t working, chances are that your bike’s engine will heat up, which could lead to devastating consequences.

Our KTM radiator braces keep the bike’s radiators safe. Our radiator braces (also called guards) are specially designed to protect the radiator even in adverse conditions. The braces that we offer are the only ones in the market that feature an OEM style brace. This brace provides additional protection to radiators, which lasts longer than many other radiator covers.

As the radiator’s main objective is to keep the engine cool, our radiator cover allows dynamic air flow. The constant flow of air into the radiator would keep the engine cool. As the radiator continues to get proper air flow through its cover, the efficiency of both- engine and radiator is greatly increased. Using one of the best KTM radiator braces / guards increases the overall efficiency of the engine by up to 25%. This increase in efficiency can only be achieved by using our specially designed radiators. Our radiator covers are built from 1 inch block of 6061 alloy. This material increases the overall durability of the cover. The added protection increases the overall durability of the cover by 50%. Installing the radiator brace isn’t a very difficult task. With proper tools, one can easily install the radiator brace as our braces comes with all the necessary screws and brackets.

Bike aficionados know that a radiator brace is quite important. Not only does it keep the engine cool, but it also gives the radiator an extra layer of protection. People who drive off-road bikes should install a bike radiator brace / guard as off road driving is a bit dangerous as dust, small stones or even pebbles can get stuck in the radiator’s fan. If something is stuck in the radiator, it can damage the radiator’s fans. Then, the bike’s engine will heat up very quickly, which is why you should buy one of our braces for added protection.